Our Philosophy

Jump Start Preschool believes that all children are unique individuals and deserve unique attention to ensure they realize their greatest potential for success. We have dedicated our efforts to obtaining the highest quality resources, training, and amenities to provide exceptional childcare in an enriched, safe, secure, and loving environment. Our programs are geared towards building character, self-confidence, self-esteem, and school readiness while giving your child a strong foundation to experience life challenges. Rest assured, Jump Start Preschool is where your child’s success matters!

Our Mission

Jump Start Preschool provides a safe, loving, nurturing, and high quality childcare and education that promotes and enhances each child’s development with the assurance of our parent’s peace of mind. Our Mission is to:

  • Maintain the highest standards by:
    • Nurturing Children with Loving Care
    • Providing a Safe and Secure Environment
    • Providing a Clean, Well Organized Facility
    • Offering Quality Educational Programs Focusing on:
      • Social/Emotional Development
      • Physical Development
      • Cognitive Development
      • Language Development
      • Whole Child Development
    • Enforce basic core values such as:
      • Respect for Self and Others
      • Pride in Self and Community
    • Develop Teachers/Professional Staff Members   
    • Have a partnership with and Provide Services to the Community
    • Consulting with our Advisory Committee for Updates, Information and Resources.